In case of an emergency state, the organizing committee also considers the online organization of conference events.

We ask all participants and partners to make sure that the trip will be compatible with the recent guidance of health authorities regarding the spread of the Coronavirus. In case you will travel from or through a higher-risk region, please check the health guidelines of the Moldovan authorities, as restrictions may apply (e.g. quarantine, isolation). We will also willingly be of your support if cannot find such information yourself. Please contact us to get more information in case you have any concerns or questions, and check out a list of useful resources to get information on the Coronavirus on official channels:

  • (MFAEI, MD GOV) COVID-19 Travel alerts – click here
  • (MFA, RO GOV) Regarding Travel to MD – click here
  • (WHO) Dedicated emergency page of WHO for COVID-19 outbreaks – click here
    • Advices for public to face COVID-19 emergency – click here
  • Hourly updated detailed overview numbers of Corona sick, deaths and recovered country by country – Click here
  • (IATA, International Air Transport Association) COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map – click here