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IC|ECCO 2019

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IC|ECCO-2019, meaning International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Computing, continues the series of the ICMCS, International Conference on Microelectronics and Computer Sciences, and the ICTEI, International Conference on Telecommunications, Electronics and Informatics.

The conference aims at bringing together scientists and engineers dealing with fundamental and applied research for reporting on the latest results and achievements in the ICT-related domains.

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Who's Speaking In Plenary?

Oleg Lupan

Oleg Lupan

Professor, Dr. Technical Sci | Technical University of Moldova

Ion Tighineanu

Ion Tighineanu

Professor, Academician | President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Alexander Pogrebnjak

Alexander Pogrebnjak

Professor, Dr. Sci | Head of Department of Nanoelectronics, Sumy State University, Ukraine

Viacheslav Pershenkov

Viacheslav Pershenkov

Professor, Dr. Technical Sci | National Research Nuclear University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Russia

Dorin-Mircea Popovici

Dorin-Mircea Popovici

Professor, Head of Laboratory | CERVA, Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania

Codruț Săvulescu

Codruț Săvulescu

Senior solution manager | Huawei România

Andrian Cornei

Andrian Cornei

Director | XONTECH Systems, Moldova

Diana Zaharia

Diana Zaharia

Head of Institutional Management Department | Electronic Governance Agency, Moldova

Plenary Schedule

24 October 2019

#SessionPlenary speakerTimeVenus
1Aerogalnite as a biomimetic electronic nanomaterial for multifunctional applicationsIon Tighineanu 10:00 AMImaginarium, Tekwill
2Challenges of mixed reality technologies in technical educationDorin-Mircea Popovici 10:30 AMImaginarium, Tekwill
3Coffee break11:00 AMTekwill
4Low dose rate effects in bipolar devices during long-term operation space electronic systemsViacheslav Pershenkov 11:30AMImaginarium, Tekwill
55G main technological advantages: Massive Mimo, Ul/DL decoupling, BeamformingCodruț Săvulescu 12:00 PMImaginarium, Tekwill
6Lunch13:00 PM
7First-principles Calculations and Insight of Microstructural Effects on Mechanical Properties in the Heterostructured (CrN/ZrN)/(Cr/Zr) Nanocomposite CoatingsAlexander Pogrebnjak 14:00 PMImaginarium, Tekwill
8Nanotechnology for single nanowire nanosensors on semiconducting oxidesOleg Lupan 14:45 PMImaginarium, Tekwill
9Coffee break15:30 PMTekwill
10Moldova Digital Transformation: achievements and next stepsDiana Zaharia 16:00 PMImaginarium, Tekwill
11How Digital Transformation changes security needs and solutionsAndrian Cornei 16:30 PMImaginarium, Tekwill

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The conference will take place at Technical University of Moldova, Studenților 9/7 str,  but first day at Tekwill – ICT Excellence Center, Studenților 9/11 str, Chisinau

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