Computer Science

  • Mathematical Modelling and Applications
  • Algorithms and Computing Theory
  • Data Science/Data engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics

Computer engineering

  • Automatic Control
  • Robotics
  • Computer design

Software Engineering and Cybersecurity

  • Methods and Tools of Software Engineering;
  • Information Systems and Applications;
  • Computer Security and Cryptography;
  • Security and Privacy in Computing;


  • Applied Electronics and Embedded Systems
  • Micro & Nano-electronics

Networks and Communications: Infrastructure and Security

  • Telecommunications: Technology, Networks and Software
  • Electronics and Telecommunications: Operations, Administration and Maintenance
  • IoT Technologies: Software, Hardware and Connectivity
  • IT infrastructure and Cloud Computing

Theoretical and Applied Physics – In memoriam Anatolie Casian

  • Theoretical physics, General and cross-disciplinary physics,
  • Statistical/mathematical and computational physics,
  • Atomic, molecular and cluster physics, Condensed matter physics, Plasma and fluid physics,
  • Optical physics, nanoscience, laser and photonics,
  • Biological physics

Knowledge-based society

  • Research and Education for Knowledge-based Society
  • Education methods based on ICT
  • eGovernment and Society