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Electronics & Theoretical and Applied Physics


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  • Applied Electronics and Embedded Systems
  • Micro & Nano-electronics

Theoretical and Applied Physics – In memoriam Anatolie Casian:

  • Theoretical physics, General and cross-disciplinary physics
  • Statistical/mathematical and computational physics
  • Atomic, molecular and cluster physics, Condensed matter physics, Plasma and fluid physics
  • Optical physics, nanoscience, laser and photonics
  • Biological physics

Track schedule

Friday, 22 October 2021

#SessionSpeaker(s)Time (9:30-12:30)Affiliation
1Nanoparticles as Building Units for Bio-Inspired Electronics –Switching and SensingAlexander Vahl 9:30Kiel University, Germany
2New Vapor Deposited Dielectric Polymer Thin Films for Electronic ApplicationsStefan Schröder 9:50Kiel University, Germany
3TiO2 nanotubes for chemical sensingVardan Galstyan 10:10University of Brescia, Italy
4Al2O3/CuO non-planar heterostructures for VOCs vapors detectionOleg Lupan 10:30Technical University of Moldova, Moldova
5Engineering of Semiconductor Compounds via Electrochemical Technologies for Nano-Microelectronic ApplicationsEduard Monaico 10:45Technical University of Moldova, Moldova
6Coffee Break11:00-11:30
7Experince in creating nanosatellites of the “cubesat” “PolyITAN” standard in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute: mission, development and exploitation resultsBorys Rassamakin 11:30Kyiv Polytechnic Institute "Igor Sikorsky", Ukraine
8The Experience of Preparing to Launch the TUMnanoSAT nanosatelliteNicolae Secrieru 11:45Technical University of Moldova, Moldova
9Thin films of copper oxide nanostructured via rapid thermal processingCristian Lupan 12:00Technical University of Moldova, Moldova
10SMART DEVICE FOR CONTROLLED HYPOTHERMIAVictor Cojocaru 12:15Technical University of Moldova, Moldova
#SessionSpeaker(s)Time (13:30-16:00)Affiliation
1In memoriam Casian AnatolieJens Pflaum 13:30University of Würzburg; Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, Germany
2Experimental and Computational Study of the Apparent Absorption Spectra of Nanostructured Manganese Tungstate CatalystsSophia Klokishner 13:45Institute of Applied Physics, Moldova
3Solution-processed bulk heterojunction solar cells based on a zinc phthalocyanine:perylene dimiide derivativeTamara Potlog 14:00Moldova State University, Moldova
4Formation and Decay of Excitons and Biexitons Excited in CdSe/CdS/CdZnS Colloidal Quantum DotsVladimir Pavlenko 14:15Institute of Applied Physics, Moldova
5Coffee Break14:30-14:45
6Superdense coding of information in quantum computer in the representation of paired bosonsIon Geru 14:45Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Moldova
7Generation of Pulses with Excitable DFB Laser with Dispersive reflectorSilvia Andronic 15:00Technical University of Moldova, Moldova
8Thermoelectric properties of a p-n module made of organic crystals of TTT2I3 and TTT(TCNQ)2Ionel Sanduleac 15:15Technical University of Moldova, Moldova