IC ECCO - 2022

21 October 2021

Computer engineering • Networks and Communications

Room A4

Track 3

Session chairwoman
assoc. prof. dr. Viorica Sudacevschi

Program Committee members
prof. dr. hab. Emilian Guțuleac (Moldova),
prof. univ. dr. Ștefan-Gheorghe Pentiuc (România)
assoc. prof. dr. Ion Fiodorov,

prof. dr. ing. Dan Laurentiu Milici (România)
lect. dr. Andrei Dorogan (Moldova)

Track schedule

#SessionSpeaker(s)Time (9:00-12:30)Affiliation
1The choice of DVB-T2 signal transmission technology in the shadow areas of the Republic of MoldovaMihail I. IACOB 9:00State Enterprise «Radiocomunicatii», Moldova
2Tuning the PID Controller to the Object Model with Second-Order Inertia with Identical Elements and Time Delay by the Modified Polynomial MethodAdrian Secrieru 9:20Technical University of Moldova
3The PID Tuning Procedure for Performance Optimization of the Underdamped Second-Order Processes Irina COJUHARI 9:40Technical University of Moldova
4Analysis of code sequences for multichannel data transmission systemsTatiana Şestacova 10:00Technical University of Moldova
5Tuning the Fuzzy Controller for Speed Control of the DC Motor Vladimir MELNIC 10:20Technical University of Moldova
6COFFEE BREAK 11:00-11:30
7Design of Specialized Hardware Architectures for Industry 4.0 Viorel Cărbune 11:30Technical University of Moldova
8Multi-Objective Optimal Solution Search based on Genetic Algorithms Silvia MUNTEANU 11:45Technical University of Moldova
9SMART LIFT – Intelligent lift service system Andrei Dorogan 12:00Technical University of Moldova
10Decision Making System based on Collaborative Agents Ana Țurcan 12:15Technical University of Moldova